Yuri Performing

Yuri Performing
The Entire Crew Gets Down

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Pressure is ON

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed. I think in the back of my mind the reason I wasn't applying for shows and whatnot was because I was concerned I would never have a free moment again. I have tons of work ahead of me. For some inexplicable reason all these deadlines have fallen in a single week: FOUR DEADLINES ALL IN ONE WEEK.
Oddly enough two actually fall on my birthday. I have a terrible sense of guilt when I'm not working on my paintings. Now that these deadlines are looming large
I have lost my childlike enthusiasm. Dance use to be a stress reliever. Now I keep thinking that I should be painting. I know that through trial and error and careful planning I can avoid the dealine overload. In a way of course I'm thinking "What
a Great Problem to have!"

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  1. You will do find,Colleen!! Just remember always enjoy every moment of it. When you are dancing, just think about dance. Then, you can go back to your painting afterward. Then, you should have a fresh eyes with energy to paint,and enjoy it. ^__^ Keep up the great work!!