Yuri Performing

Yuri Performing
The Entire Crew Gets Down

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I am currently working on a large painting"The Cannonization of Pope Joan." I was obsessed with the
painting for about two months. I then had to take a break in the form of a prepaid plein-air workshop.
When I returned it was difficult to get back into the painting. I lost momentum. Though "Pope
Joan" remains unfinished, the question about process and content that the work created has given
me enough material for an entire series. I'm calling it "Seven Saints." I will be posting pictures
of the on-going series.

I have learned that no painting is complete in itself. The best demand a response in the form of the world
interaction:the relationship of thought and event. The particular painting I'm referring to was the
workout of my life. It took every skill I had as a technician and every insight as a human being...and
it's still not finished.

The next step is to get the painting finished and out there.